Usage:  matlab [-h|-help] | [-n | -e]
[-arch | v=variant | v=arch/variant]
[-c licensefile] [-display Xdisplay | -nodisplay]
[-nosplash] [-mwvisual visualid] [-debug] [-softwareopengl]
[-desktop | -nodesktop | -nojvm]
[-r MATLAB_command] [-logfile log]
[-Ddebugger [options]]

-h|-help                          - Display arguments.
-n                                   - Display final environment variables,
arguments, and other diagnostic
information. MATLAB is not run.
-e                                   - Display ALL the environment variables and
their values to standard output. MATLAB
is not run. If the exit status is not
0 on return then the variables and values
may not be correct.
-arch                              - Start MATLAB assuming architecture arch.
v=variant                       - Start the version of MATLAB found
in bin/glnxa64/variant instead of bin/glnxa64.
v=arch/variant               - Start the version of MATLAB found
in bin/arch/variant instead of bin/glnxa64.
-c licensefile                  - Set location of the license file that MATLAB
should use.  It can have the form port@host or
be a colon separated list of license files.
environment variables will be ignored.
-display Xdisplay           - Send X commands to X server display, Xdisplay.
-nodisplay                     - Do not display any X commands. The MATLAB
desktop will not be started. However, unless
-nojvm is also provided the Java virtual machine
will be started.
-nosplash                      - Do not display the splash screen during startup.
-mwvisual visualid       - The default X visual to use for figure windows.
-debug                           - Provide debugging information especially for X
based problems.
-desktop                        - Allow the MATLAB desktop to be started by a
process without a controlling terminal. This is
usually a required command line argument when
attempting to start MATLAB from a window manager
menu or desktop icon.
-nodesktop                    - Do not start the MATLAB desktop. Use the current
terminal for commands. The Java virtual machine
will be started.
-singleCompThread      - Limit MATLAB to a single computational thread.
By default, MATLAB makes use of the multithreading
capabilities of the computer on which it is running.
-nojvm                           - Shut off all Java support by not starting the
Java virtual machine. In particular the MATLAB
desktop will not be started.
-jdb [port]                       - Enable remote Java debugging on port (default 4444)
-r MATLAB_command   - Start MATLAB and execute the MATLAB_command.
-logfile log                   - Make a copy of any output to the command window
in file log. This includes all crash reports.
-Ddebugger [options]    - Start debugger to debug MATLAB.
-nouserjavapath            - Ignore custom javaclasspath.txt and javalibrarypath.txt files.



$ matlab






$ matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -rmatlabfile



$ vim ~/.bashrc


# Add an “mrun” alias for running matlab in the terminal.
alias mrun=”matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -logfile `date +%Y_%m_%d-%H_%M_%S`.log -r”


$ mrun matlabfile

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